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  • January 3, 2018

    Coins with Fish

    Ten coins from the Bahamas, East Timor, Guernsey, Iceland, Laos, Namibia, Seychelles, Saint Helena and Ascension, Sierra Leone, and Slovenia with aquatic life (crabs, fish, etc.) on them

    As evident in the Coins with Birds (↗) post and the relevant webpages on Daniel's Coin Zoo, it is easy to compile a low-cost coin collection regarding a particular animal. While mammals appear on about half of animal-featuring coins according to Daniel's Coin Zoo, coins with aquatic life are comparatively small in number but are certainly worthwhile to find. The Daniel's Coin Zoo (↗) website comprehensively lists virtually all coins with fish and other aquatic organisms. This post highlights several coins in my collection:

    THE BAHAMAS 1 Cent (1998) coin features a red cushion starfish (West Indian sea star).

    • The EAST TIMOR (Timor-Leste) 1 Centavo (2004) coin features a nautilus.

    • The GUERNSEY 1 Penny (1998) coin features a spider crab.

    • The ICELAND 1 Kr√≥na (1999) coin features an Atlantic cod.

    • The LAOS 50 Att (1980) coin features a carp fish. Details about this coin are found on its own Money & Geography post (↗).

    • The NAMIBIA 5 Cents (2000) coin features a horse mackerel. Details about this coin are found on its own Money & Geography post (↗).

    • The SEYCHELLES 1 Cent (1997) coin features a mud crab.

    • The ST. HELENA AND ASCENSION 1 Penny (1997) features a yellowfin tuna.

    • The SIERRA LEONE 10 Leones (1996) coin features bonga shad fish.

    • The SLOVENIA 1 Tolar (1995) coin features brown trout. Details about this coin are found on its own Money & Geography post (↗).

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